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Date: November 29th 2010

Hello, my name is Lorrain Fielder. Why do you guys care? I don't know. Like it matters to anybody. Aurora Fields is my hometown. Well, it was. It was a rather nice town up until last year. What happened last year you ask? Nothing real important, just your average teenager freshmen chick. Who committed homicide in the infamous "Homicide at Aurora Fields High School." I killed over half of my school population in an angry fury. The homicide included the death of my once closest friend Annabelle Jefferson. Samantha Young, my other best friend was heartbroken and ran away. And as for me? I was locked into the local mental hospital.

Detective Ricky has been assigned to my case. I know him far too well. Aurora Fields is a small town, a tiny one. A secret one. Nobody knows it exists. Until now. Ricky is interrogating me while I record my own life. He isn't aware of my doings and I was not aware of his. Friendship is at risk as a job and the past must cross in order to solve why I did this. I know why. Do you? Do you dare to read my diary? I admire you if you do. But I must warn you, in the end, it won't matter who's the bad guy and who's the good guy. In the end, death is relevant. But do you believe it?
Day 4 of Halloween Horror! Huh...well, looks like this might be more than a short story. Who knows. ;)

Like it? :+fav: it and/or leave a comment and I shall unravel the twisted story of Lorrain Fielder, homicidal freshman.
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